engelsevlag Dear Guests!
Welcome to our harbor.

Bridge, Mooring and costs.

Rule of thumb is: arrival after 12:00 and departure before 12:00.

Office hours for opening of the Otwegwetering bridge in the peak season are between:

1-4  …..  31-5 9:00 -18:00
1-6  …..  31-8 9:00 – 20 :00
1-9  …..  31-10 9:00 -18:00

On request you probably could pass the bridge after a telephone call.          06-21 44 97 37

In absence of the harbor manager you can pick your own anchorage from the empty places with a green sign “Passanten” or the ones indicated with “Green rings”. Payment will occur when our staff attends your boat later on.

The tariffs in our harbor per night are € 1,50 per m, electricity is included. A first cup of coffee is on our account (when the canteen is open..)

Clubhouse information.
A first aid kit can be found in our clubhouse. Furthermore telephone numbers of doctors and hospitals can be found on the notice board at the clubhouse.
In the peak season our clubhouse is open during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) from 3.00 PM until 6.00 PM. Coffee, tea, light alcoholic drinks and ice-cream are available in the clubhouse.
In the building behind our clubhouse, shower and toilets can be found as well as a washing machine (€ 2,00), a centrifuge and washing lines. You will need to take your own washing powder.

Terrain and other.
Garbage can be placed in the garbage bins near the parking place.
The bilge station can only be used with help of the harbor officer.

Drinking water is available at the pier in front of the clubhouse. While tapping water, please turn off your engine. In order to prevent legionella bacteria we would like you to flush the hose for several minutes before you tap.

Please keep the noise of radio’s, engines etc. down not to disturb other guests.

You can walk your dog in the outer harbor in between the water and the path.

It is not allowed to use your bike within the harbor area.

The gardens in the outer harbor are private property and can not be used.

When arriving or departing the harbor, please try to keep the cause of waves to a minimum.

A mobile shop will attend our harbor every Tuesday around 1.00 PM and Saturday around 2.00 PM.

A map of the village of Boskoop can be found on the notice board at our clubhouse.

We wish you a pleasant stay at our harbor!